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Friday, December 16, 2011

P1 Wiggy 39 Plan RM19 for 1st and 2nd bill only....

Baru perasan dalam Harian Metro pasal iklan P1 4G, tengok ada promotion Wiggy 39, RM19 aje until 31.12.2011. tapi kelajuan 1Mbps Kuota 2GB aje....tp ok la kan dengan harga tu.... kalau macam saya ni, buka internet pun cuma hari minggu...tu pun nak tgk resepi atau bermuka muka....download2 movie pun x pernah....tapi ingatkan bayaran RM19 sampai bila2...rupa2nya cuma untuk bayaran bulan pertama dan ke2 ajer....bulan ke3 dan ke4 RM29 dan seterusnya RM39.....sebab tulah namanya Wiggy 39 yerk....huhu. tapi kan untuk sapa2 yang berminat  nak cari broadband baru boleh la try plan ni....

  • The WIGGY 39 Plan offers speeds of 1Mbps and a quota of 2GB.
  • The monthly fee is RM39.
  • For a limited time only, subscribers will pay RM19/month for the first two months, and RM29 for months three and four. This means RM60 off the bill over four months.
  • Subscribers can either choose the UT or UH mobile dongle device.
  • Depending on the P1 mobile dongle device that subscribers choose, they will pay either RM100 for the UT or RM150 for the higher performance UH, for the one-time activation fee.
  • A 2GB quota will allow a mix of any of the following:  Browsing the internet for 60 hours, send out 1300 emails, download 120 music tracks and watch 60 short movies.
  • Subscribers who need more quota can use the easy top-up option available online – RM10 for 2GB.
  • The WIGGY device has a lifetime warranty during the subscription period and there are no rental charges.


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